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24,5 x 32,6 cm 

138 pages, 52 color images with one 4-page fold-out 

Text by Michael Lange

Haikus von Hanshan, Ikkyu, Ryokan, Basho

Englisch, Deutsch, partly Japanisch

Hardcover mit dust jacket, embossed

ISBN 978-3-96070-058-6

€ 45,00


For six years, Michael Lange made extensive journeys to various regions of the French Alps (Mercantour, Ecrin, Serre- Chevalier, Valloire, Val Cenis, Vanoise and others) searching for solitude and silence. High up in the mountains he created a collection of impressive meditative images, between light and

dark, quiet and storm. 


He followed the idea that there is also and particularly in landscape photography, the decisive moment, the moment of perfect harmony between nature, landscape and the photographer. Often he had to wait for days, sometimes for weeks, high up in the mountains. Constantly accompanied by changes in weather and light, rain and snow showers, sudden beams of sunlight and mountains covered in mist – he was always in search of that moment. The fifty-two images in the book combine the quiet majesty of the mountain landscapes with fleeting moments of the perception of nature. 


Michael Lange deals with the question of how we perceive

what we see and how we can find new ways to express our feelings in pictures. The title COLD MOUNTAIN refers to the legendary Zen monk, poet and recluse Hanshan ("Cold Mountain") from 7th century China. The selection of poems reflecting the solitude of the mountains and human soul states

is taken from four famous Zen hermits - Hanshan, Ikkyu, Basho and Ryokan - from the 7th, 15th, 17th and 18th centuries in China and Japan. In the sequence of the book, the poems connect the groups of pictures. They set the tone and determine the atmosphere of the book and the pictures and reflect the author's long relationship to Zen Buddhism, which has had a major influence on his landscape photography.


Book with Pigment Print size 18 x 27 cm / 7,1 x 10,6'' / paper size 21 x 29,7cm / 8,2 x 11,7''  (choose from three images)
Slip case matt black with a quotes from text in book blue-metallic embossed(Design by SYB).
The print will come in a folder but with different quote from the book.


€ 290,00

(Edition 01-25 € 290.- // 26-50  €340.-) 

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LTD EDITION incl. shipping
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L A   D R I V E - B Y      A r t i s t  B o o k  (see video below)

German Photo Book Award 2020 Gold

A hand-bound artist book showing images from Los Angeles in the 90s designed by the legendary photo book designer SYB. It displays the photos at up to eight times of the original size page - leaving the impression of viewing posters in a photo book (see the video with excerpts of the book below). First edition of only 500 copies each book is numbered and signed by the artist.

Photography Michael Lange
Design SYB (Sybren Kuiper)
Text Andreas Kilb, eng/de 
72 photos, 196 pages, 20  fold-out pages
17 x 22 / 6,7 X 8,7''  (foldouts up to 45 x 68,5 cm //  17,7 x 27'')
Hardcover Swiss Binding
Hand binding Wytze Fopma, Netherlands
Edition of 500 copies, each signed and numbered
Collectors Edition 50 copies

ISBN 978-3-00-060520-8

€ 90.-

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Book incl. Versand/Shipping


All images on the website are available in  PRINT EDITION 1 (size 38 x 57 cm/ 15 x 22,5 '') in an edition of 7 + 2 AP. For further questions please contact the studio or one of my galleries.




VIDEO   L A   D R I V E - B Y

Check-out excerpts of the design and the various fold-out pages.


W A L D 

by Hatje Cantz

Text by Wolfgang Denkel, Christoph Schaden,
Design Michael Lange
German, English
32 images, 72 pages, size 34.50 x 26.50 cm

Signed with 12 x 18 cm attached original pigment print by the artist
very last copies! (out of print)


€ 150,00

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W A L D   C o l l e c t o r s   E d i t i o n 

Edition 32 + 5 AP  with pigment print (free choice), signed 
Handmade, embossed box, print size: 36 x 27 cm, 38 x 23,5 cm, 40 x 18 cm (paper size 42 x 29,7cm)


last copies (book out of print)

€ 550,00

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Hatje Cantz | Text Kirsten Rian, Design Anke Rabba
German, English 2015. ca. 80 pp., 35 ills. 29.00 x 21.80 cm hardcover ISBN 978-3-7757-3962-7
signed with small original pigment print 

€ 25 .-

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FLUSS Collectors Edition 

R 0825 | 2012 - Edition 15 +3AP , Pigment Print 42,6 x 33 cm, Edition 15 + 3 a.p., signed and numbered - in HatjeCantz edition folder together with book

€ 400,-

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FLUSS Collectors Edition 

R 8953 | 2012 - Edition 15 +3AP , Pigment Print 42,6 x 33 cm, Edition 15 + 3 a.p., signed and numbered - in HatjeCantz edition folder together with book


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